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What is The Cloud?

“The cloud” refers to servers that are accessed over the Internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers. Cloud Servers can be located all over the world. By using cloud computing, companies do not have to manage physical servers themselves or run software applications on their own machines. 

Why replace your laptops/desktops every couple years? Why not get smaller, cheaper and less power consuming hardware and virtualization your desktops in the cloud. You can quickly add and subtract desktops to your business needs all while accessing your same desktop anywhere in the world. With Cloud Hosted Desktops, you don’t have a physical computer sitting on your desk. Instead you have a small device that connects to the internet and to a server that will host your computer remotely – and you never worry about upgrading.

We offer a wide range of servers to meet you needs regardless if you want to be fully in the cloud or partial. We offer all services for Windows and Linux/Unix servers that can scale from super small all the way to out of this world powerful.

Performing local backups is great but what if you want longer term backups or to make sure your backups are duplicated? We offer plenty of storage for your needs.

Speaking of local backups what happens if you have theft, fire or other major damage how does your data and information recover quickly? We offer a wide range of disaster recovery solutions to meet your budget.

With cloud services not only can you upscale and downscale as you need but you can also add and remove features that you need easily. 207 Tech has helped so many businesses already move completely to the cloud with having little to no hardware at their location. 

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Moving all operations online is really the only way to keep up with the fast-paced digital world. 207 Tech can facilitate seamless, cost-efficient, and quick migration of applications and processes. There are just so many great benefits to transitioning everything online. Just a few examples and business solutions include:


  • Connect Anytime, Anywhere: Employees can connect to their virtual office and access files quickly and easily, day or night.
  • Automatic Updates: Up-to-date software, servers upgrades and processing power keep systems running smoothly.
  • Reduced Costs: Moving to the digital world will reduce the costs of managing and maintaining systems.
  • Flexibility for Resizing: As business needs change, software and storage can scale up or down.
  • Business Continuity: Rest assured knowing files and systems are protected at all times:
  • Collaboration Efficiency. Employees can communicate and share work more easily.


In addition to the above, maintenance and support costs normally associated with an in-house IT staff are also drastically reduced. Depending on requirements, and even personal preferences, an entire infrastructure can be moved online, or just parts of it. Our team can take care of the entire process, or just assist as needed.

Virtual Business Solutions are the Future

A virtualized infrastructure offers an array of advantages in the areas of performance, scalability, and even security. Virtualization allows multiple applications and operating systems to run independently on a single hardware platform. Running more applications on one single server means less hardware to purchase, less equipment to power, and less to maintain all around.

Virtualization can also help increase uptime and improve a team’s responsiveness to customer needs. Have the ability to prioritize business needs and maximize server resources by quickly moving workloads from one virtual workspace to another. Virtualization changes the way resources are deployed and handled by simplifying and speeding up IT responses in the ever-changing business environment. With fewer servers to maintain, teams can streamline operations, while focusing on innovation instead of maintenance.

"Eric is one of the best around. Really helped my business dig out from major server issues caused by the previous provider."
Jim F.
Operations Manager